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Are you tired of starting a new fitness program only to quit before seeing any results?
"The programs offered with food and nutrition as well as the exercise have been life transforming. I feel physically stronger as well as mentally!" ~Susan

Discover the Secrets to Becoming A Healthier Happier YOU!
 Like Susan and So Many Other Richmond Residents Have At Oxygen + Iron…
Linda Alexander
Owner of Oxygen + Iron Personal Training Studio in Midlothian, VA.

Dear Friend:
It’s really true…You CAN Become Your Best Self and Live a Healthier Lifestyle!
And, it really isn’t difficult…once you let me show you how...

Now, let me show you how our transformation program is different – 

Why we are different?   ... because, we have been in your shoes, we are an all women staff who understands your struggle with lack of time, and confidence and feeling guilty for taking time for yourself.

If you’re like many of the women I’ve worked with, you’ve most likely tried multiple diets, different kinds of workouts, maybe even bought products or supplements that were supposed to help…but yet here you are again...

Just as confused and frustrated as ever…

I have created a program with one purpose in mind:
To get you the results you want, on your terms, in the fastest way possible…all with a guarantee to remove that doubt in the back of your mind.

Like I said, I’ve done this successfully and repeatedly for hundreds upon hundreds of women over the years. As a result, I have dialed this process in like clockwork.

And that’s why we’ve developed...
Our 28 Day Kick Start Program
We’ve helped hundreds of local women become their best selves with our 28 Day KICK START Program. Delivered by our caring and highly qualified all women coaches. Our program has proven to work for women just like you time and again.

Here's why this program works so well...

Our Program Is Customized To Meet You Where You Are Today 
And helps you succeed without disrupting everything else that is important in your life…

We understand the demands of your life because we have lived it! 
We know how important it is for self care 
and the need to feel confident and comfortable. 

We apply the right mindset, energy and motivation within our results driven workouts, and provide constant support and coaching to give that 
personal training experience in a group setting.

The trifecta of results! 
"The small group and individual attention and program itself helped get me UN-STUCK...started forward movement toward my goal of feeling overall stronger... and physically I could feel and see results quickly...the forward energy built upon itself and I became stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally." ~ Kathy
Here's what you get with our 28 Day KICK START  Program:
Group Personal Training Classes - You'll receive coach-supervised training sessions that  build strength and endurance, to help reach your fitness goals. 

Motivation – We will motivate you every single time you come in for a coaching session to help you stay on track and if you need more support outside of the studio, we have you covered there too!

Guidance - During your training sessions, we'll provide expert guidance, no matter where you are in your fitness journey. We individualize each session according to your needs.

Instruction - We will show you exactly how to do every exercise safely and correctly (you won't be one of the countless people wasting their time using ineffective and dangerous exercise form.) 

Support - We will give you mental, physical and emotional support which is crucial in making consistent progress (When most people start an exercise program on their own they quit within 60 days... we're here to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.) 
It's not just a workout, it's a LIFESTYLE!

Accountability - We'll make sure you show up to your training sessions, which makes results practically inevitable (Getting to the studio is half the battle.) We'll make sure you are staying on track with the program with our own Oxygen and Iron app.

Nutritional Instruction - You'll discover how to important it is to have a well balanced and supportive nutrition plan. It's easier than you think.

Fun Workouts - If you don't enjoy something you probably won't stick with it... so we make sure you have a good time during your workouts (You're actually going to look forward to working out for once!)

Push you when you need it - Let face it, everybody has days where they're not feeling 100%, even the best of us. That's why we're here to lift you up, cheer you on and give you a strong nudge when you need it. (We're here to make sure you always rise to the occasion and maximize every single time you step into the studio... this just isn't possible without a coach 

So What Kind Of Results Can You Expect?
As a client in our 28 Day Kick Start Program, here’s what you can expect… 

You’ll Feel Better - We're going to help you become a leaner and stronger you. No more quitting programs that don't bring results, no more crazy fad diets, and no more feeling out of place at the gym. Here you will be surrounded by a group of women who all want to become thier version of their best self.

You’ll Gain Confidence – it's time to get back to feeling comforable and confident in the clothes you want to wear, plus give you the inner strength to feel happy in your own skin.

You’ll Enjoy Better Health, and Having More Energy… Start your journey to becoming the best version of you by making positive daily strides! Whether you need to get off medications, become more active to keep up with the demands of your lifestyle or simple want to live healthier, this program is the right place to start.
“If you follow my program entirely, and fail to achieve the goals we set for you, then together we will take a long, hard look at what went wrong, adjust whatever is necessary, and your next month is on me!”

I’m happy to take on this risk because I know my program works AND I’m only satisfied if you are!
When it comes to your health, you only get one body, it's time to take care of it!
Like I tell my clients, "you can pay now with a little sweat and good nutrition, or pay later with medical bills."

Trust me, any training program will work if you're consistent, any healthy nutritional plan will make you feel better.  But, you want are results and you get that with accountability and guidance!

The REAL difference in our program,  is in the COACHING 
you will get every step of the way.

 It all starts with ACTION, so take the first step and allow us to help you 
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Yes! I'm Ready To Become My Best Self!
  • Yes! I want to feel stronger inside and out (So I can feel GREAT about my body when I look in the mirror!)
  • Yes! I want to I want to learn what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it.
  • Yes! I want highly effective workouts - workouts that are high energy and fun.
  • Yes! I want to have more energy (I want to be on top of my game all day long.)
  • Yes! I want to work with coaches who are master motivators - coaches who will safely push me harder than I would push myself.
  • Yes! I want to be held accountable to my workouts, and by being accountable I understand I WILL GET RESULTS!
  • Yes! I want to be healthy and happy!

 Yes! I want to live a healthier lifestyle right now. 
I can't wait to get started!
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I really am excited to help you become your best self. Helping my neighbors in Richmond with their health and fitness goals is my passion - I’m 100% dedicated to helping you live a healthier lifestyle NOW!
~Linda Alexander
P.S. – The next 4 weeks are going to go by no matter what… 


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